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We plan on continually update this page with thoughtful, entertaining articles and links on our industry.  Please help out and send us links to useful sites & articles relevant to Electronics Assembly & Manufacturing



The x-ray component counter that raises the bar, from the makers of the world’s FIRST automated counter to use x-ray technology for counting SMD reels – “OC-SCAN® CCX.3” from Optical Control features built-in intelligence that was, truly the first of its kind!

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A very handy recovery tool by Menda Tools for dealing with stripped and rusted screws—Great Name!  Available throught Arbell.

Mantis Elite Stereo Microscope Review

A Unique and Enthusiastic review of the ELITE MANTIS 3D Inspection Viewer from Vision Engineering. Ergonomic design reduces fatigue and creates a wide viewing field for inspecting and working of pcb’s and other assemblies.  Presented by David L Jones, EEVBlog.

Paul Jr. Designs; Lista Workspace Solution

Remember Paul Jr. from Orange County Choppers?  (He was the only one who got any work done on that show!)  This is a link to his shop photo gallery featuring Technicians workbenches and storage systems from Lista International.